Christmas Gifts Ideas

Let me just say when you are looking for Christmas presents to buy for friends and family it gets a little stressful. So I came up with two ideas for a gifts!

The first gift idea is a picture in a frame. I know it seems unoriginal but you can actually put your own twist on it to make it your own.Gift Idea 1

I bought this photo frame at Michaels for $6. Then I printed out my favorite photo of the person I am giving it to! I then added little notes, inside jokes, and quotes on the outside of the picture in different colors. And since we have a joke about frappuccinos I am going to buy her favorite Starbuck’s frappuccino.

The second gift idea is my favorite. I went to Target on Black Friday and found a throw blanket for $10, and a picture frame for $4. This idea was so cute and I would love to receive a gift like this! In the photo frame I am going to put a picture of my friend and me. Gift Idea 2

I am also going to buy a bag of her favorite candy and add it to the gift. This gift will definitely last a long time and is very thoughtful.

The reason why I chose these to gifts to show you is because they are all very personal. I always like getting a more personal gift then a gift that is just store bought. I love the two picture frames because it really shows you put time and effort into there gifts and that you really care about them.

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