DIY Heart Wall Decor

Heat Wall Decor

This heart photo wall decor is adorable! I found this idea on Pinterest and took it into my own hands. I printed out 43 of my favorite photos of my family and friends. If you have decided to put these photos on your wall do not use tape or glue! Make sure to find a sticky substance that says it is okay to put on your wall. Here are the step by step instructions below.

  • Print out 43 of your favorite photos
  • Get your wall stickers
  • Start with your rows!
  • First Row: 4 Photos
  • Second Row: 6 Photos
  • Third Row: 7 Photos
  • Fourth Row: 6 Photos
  • Fifth Row: 6 Photos
  • Sixth Row: 4 Photos
  • Seventh Row: 2 Photos
  • Eighth Row: 1 Photo