Quote of the Day

“Show me your friends I’ll show you your future.”-Unknown

This quote is so important for people to think about. When I look at the people I hang out with I know that they are going to motivate me to always be at my best. But if your friends are on drugs and drinking alcohol then you will most likely become an addict too. So when you look at your friends ask yourself, “Are they making me a better person? Or worse?”

Do your friends have good grades? Are they respectful to everyone even if they don’t like them? Are they cautious? And the most important question, am I happy when I’m around them?

If you can answer all these questions with a “yes” then you have a great group of people that will stay by your side.

So what does this quote really mean? It means that if you show me your friends and how they act then I will show what your future will be like. Your actions speak louder than words. So show respect towards yourself and others. Remember you are a great person you just have to show the world that, and if you stick with the right group of friends then your future will turn out just the way you would like it to be.